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    Nicole Pigeon is a full-time student pursuing her professional Esthetician certification with a concentration in skin and makeup care and management, as well as skin and makeup artistry.Nicole Pigeon advises on the finest cosmetics for healthy skin. Nicole Pigeon's passion is transforming women's self-esteem and appearance. 


    Nicole fell in love with helping people feel and look beautiful after relocating to Florida. Her preferred vacation locations are the Caribbean, anyplace tropical, and Europe with an emphasis on art and culture. Nicole's fondest childhood memories include spending her summer vacations in San Diego with her family.


    Nicole Pigeon gives professional advise on healthy skin cosmetics. She loves helping ladies feel and look attractive. Nicole fell in love with beautifying ladies after coming to Florida. Her favorite vacation spots include the Caribbean, tropical, and European. Nicole loved spending her summer vacations in San Diego with her family.

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    Nicole Pigeon Florida knows that one of the most important choices everyone will have to make will come when choosing a new career path. Those looking for a career should look for a path in the dynamic field and have many opportunities. Nicole Pigeon says that professionals in the field have...
    Nicole Pigeon Florida knows that caring for your skin is an essential part of your overall physical health and appearance. Due to the importance of this, there is a lot of opportunities for someone to pursue a career in skincare as an esthetician. One individual that has continued to have a...
    The years 2020 and 2021 have been the best years for being online. Students have headed back into the classrooms, but it appears online learning will be the new norm for some schools and universities in the near future. Nicole Pigeon, a full-time online student, recently discussed her top tips...
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